Test Prop/EQ Cycle & Water Retention

  1. Test Prop/EQ Cycle & Water Retention

    Hey, I have ran Test Eth in the past as a stand alone before and was very unhappy with the water retention. My diet wasn't very clean which had a lot to do with it I'm sure. I am planning on running a Very clean bulking cycle pre-summer. I am just wondering what sort of water retention you've experienced with Test Prop. I would like to run a 10-12 wk Cycle at 500mg/week, sticking EOD. Also I want to add EQ for the last 8 weeks as it is pretty exprensive but produces very dry gains. I would hope that the EQ would help or possible negate any water retention from the test. Anyone tried this stack. Or would you recommend anything else? I am currently 23, and 205lbs. I am looking to finish up with atleast 15 DRY lbs all said an done. My diet will be written by a friend who is a god dam scientist so it will be very meticulous, and well planned. Thanks in advance.


  2. expensive or not, EQ is best utlized in cycles that are 12+ weeks. so id probably go with a different compound if ur only wanting to run it 8 weeks.

    as long as diet is clean then bloat really shouldnt be an issue, but it would be smart to run arimidex or aromasin on cycle.

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