Superdrone LV (Superdrol) hair loss question

  1. Superdrone LV (Superdrol) hair loss question

    I've been doing a lot of research and there seems to be conflicting information in regards to my question. Firstly I'm 33 @ 200 pounds, BF around 13% and I've been training for a solid 5 years. I'm looking to run the Superdrone Muscle Stack. My goal is to gain around 15-20 pounds and Superdrol seems to be just what I'm looking for. Now my question is in reagrds to hairloss. I'm genetically predisposed to MPB. I do have a receded hairline and I'm not looking to accelerate this. From what I've read Superdrol is a DHT derivative. I've read on plenty of posts stating that Superdrol can accelerate hairloss and on the same boards posts stating that Superdrol won't accelerate hairloss. Can anyone shed some real light on what the truth of this is? It seems quite difficult to find a straight answer with any supporting information on this issue. Thanks!


  2. Going by this :

    It does seem that it does cause some hair loss.

  3. For the record. I have a receding hair line too and have done two short superdrol cycles in the last 6 months. Both we're like two weeks because I really wanted to minimize sides. Hairloss didn't increase at all.

  4. Reps to both of you. This is they type of information i've been looking for. Anyone else have any first hand accounts of Superdrol use in regards to hairloss?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by AmericanJambo View Post
    Reps to both of you. This is they type of information i've been looking for. Anyone else have any first hand accounts of Superdrol use in regards to hairloss?
    I'm doing a 3 week cycle starting tomorrow. I'll let you know if I loose any hair. PM me in 3 weeks for details if I forget to post up.

  6. When you're going bald slowly I normaly loose a little bit of hair when I wash my hair. I used Nioxin shampoo to try stop this thing before it starts but after washing my hair for the 60 seconds it recommends on the bottle I usually have 3-6 hairs in my hands (Kinda frightening). But honestly when I was on superdrol it seemed to be less than that. May have just been a coincidence but that's what I noticed. I was taking microdrol by bradley asgard so it's kinda similar to Superdrone LV

  7. My brother took superdrol and had no hair issues. I would take some Toco 8 and get some Nioxin. My brother was taking Toco 8 and said his hair felt healthier than ever.
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  8. x2 I've read that toco 8 is supposed to help with hairloss.

    But keep in mind androgenic side effects are possible with any steroid, as all steroid are androgenic to some degree.

    if you're prone to it, you may want to look into some things that can help decrease androgenic sides.

    maybe look into some finasteride?

  9. finasteride does not work with 5a reduced steroids, but you guys in here that mentioned being prone to hairloss and using superdrol; Have you used anything before that DID cause hairloss?


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