Havoc Cycle

  1. Havoc Cycle

    I started a Havoc cycle 4 days ago, and during my research before taking it I read many people say how their workouts sucked for the first couple days. I never understood how this was possible, I rarely ever have bad workouts regardless of what im taking. Ive been taking 30mg a day and have had a lot of trouble getting a pump uduring lifts. I did take jack3d prior to cycle and obviously am not taking it now so I figured this may have something to do with it. I was just wondering if there was any reason it causes you to feel sub par in the gym at first or this is uncommon? Im not expecting to have insane pumps the first week on, again I was just cusious as to the reasoning for negative effects during lifts at first. Just your body adjusting and balancing I guess?

  2. I have never heard that or experienced that.I have run Havoc a few times and i can tell ya by the end of week 2 you'll get pumps like you never felt before.

  3. Yeah I know it will come, Im not having any sides, just lack of energy and it takes more light sets to get the blood going and feel warmed up. It almost feels like I took two weeks off from lifting...idk....

  4. Just give it a little longer.

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