1. Arrow clones

    I'll try and stick to the rules of the forum here

    I'm looking for a "legal uk clone" of methyldienolone ( 17a-methyl-17b-hydroxyestra-4,9(10)dien-3-one ) as I have taken this "prohormone " before back in 2008 and I want to run it again as it was perfect for me (still got all the definition I got from one bottle 2 years ago) I want to stick to dry compounds as I am a hardgainer that has visions of being bruce lee and not a gorilla but I can not find any retailers that still produce it any help finding it would be extremely appreciated

    my next is superdrol (M-Drol) but I don't know much about the product is it on par with or better than methyldienolone?

    I read somewhere that dienolone is a precursor to trenbolone so would it be adviseable to buy something like tren bomb with similar effects?

    some other semi related things I have found of interest whilst searching google

    Quote Originally Posted by woo
    x factor
    andro rx

    cel pheraplex,halodrol,superdrol,e pistane clones
    body building[/url]

    M1T to the curious novices like myself if you don't know what M1T is don't click the link you'll **** yourself up do research first
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    yes I do my research before I commit

  2. Superdrone by primodial performances
    CEL M-drol

    dont forget to protect your liver and definatly use a pct good luck

  3. thanks for the quick reply mate so I was spot on with M-Drol then?

    last time I ran methyldienolone was before I had properly researched I had milk thistle to hand but I didn't have PCT but I had no side effects and kept most of the gains

  4. wow no pct are you sure your ok, but i personally love superdrone By primordial performances because of there liquid vade technology, normally only 50% of a ph is actually absorbed by the body, but with the new liquid vade stuff 80-90% is absorbed its like moree bang for your buck. 10mg of liquid vade is like 20-30mg of a pill form. Hope i help

  5. look up the superdrone muscle stack at its got everything you need and they tell you exactly how to run it

  6. methyl dienelone? is that kilosports trenadrol by chance? if so ebay is about your only option.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by suncloud View Post
    methyl dienelone? is that kilosports trenadrol by chance? if so ebay is about your only option.
    hes right ebay is the last option for many products since 1/4/10, search you might find what your looking from man


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