Methy-D Vs M-1-T

  1. Methy-D Vs M-1-T

    I've had good results from m-1-t and some of my friends asked me to order them some but the methyl dienolone (sp?) seems better but I can't vouch for it personally. Which one do you guys think is more effective for strength and mass, m-1-t or Methyl-D??

  2. I would say M1T. I did M-Dien unfavored beta for 3 weeks at 4000-5000 calories a day gained 9 pounds. Today my 1st week of M1T is done up at 4000-5000 calories a day. Tuesday I weighed in at 233 today 240. Will say M-Dien only noticeable side was hairloss cause I did not start useing spiro soon enough. Now with M1T the lower back tightness sucks my ass. Strength is also more noticeable on M1T.

  3. M-1-t...

  4. m1t.

    Ive yet to see anyone claim to have respectable gains on M-dien.



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