Making Deca 200mg/ml with Pictures

  1. Making Deca 200mg/ml with Pictures

    10g "Powder"
    2.5ml of Benzyl Benzoate
    2.5ml of Benzyl Alcohol
    37.5ml of your favorite Oil
    20CC Syringe
    12CC Syringe
    1 23ga 1/2 needle
    1 25ga 5/8 needle
    .22 Sterile Whatman Filter
    50ml Sterile Vial
    50ml Vial
    Electric Scale
    Rubbing Alcohol/Paper Towels

  2. 1. Place 40ml oil in a muffin tray.
    2. Place tray in oven at 225˚F & pan with water on oven eye at med/low.
    3. Wipe down work area with Isopropyl Alcohol.

  3. 4. Place un-sterile vile on scales with funnel inserted and tare.
    5. Transfer 10g powder to vile with the scoopula.

  4. 6. Add the 2.5ml of bb and 2.5ml of ba with the 12cc syringe.
    This is what it looks like after the bb & ba has been added.

  5. 7. Now add 32.5ml of the 37.5ml of oil into the vial to make total volume of oil/ba/bb/hormone to be 45ml. Leave the 5ml of oil in the oven for later use.
    8. Place vile with mixture on oven eye to dissolve.
    This is what it will look like.

  6. 9. Take out sterile 50ml vial and wipe stopper with rubbing alcohol. Put the 23ga needle and the 25ga needle through stopper, and attach whatman filter to the 25ga.
    In this photo I was using a millpore filter that GiJoe asked me to test for him.

  7. 10. Open up 20ml syringe and attach 18ga needle and draw up 20ml of unfiltered gear. Transfer it to the sterile vile through the filter. You will need to repeat this step until all the unfiltered soln has been transferred.
    11. Once all the unfiltered soln has been transferred run the 5ml of oil you saved through the filterer to purge it. Follow this with air.

    You will have 50ml at 200mg/ml. Enjoy.

  8. Nice post man. I just did my deca conversion....the hardest part was extracting the butter-like powder out of the bag. Any thoughts on how to make this easier?
    Also, my deca looka a little cloudy and merky...should I heat it up? My tren and EQ look real nice and clear-golden but my cyp and deca look a little cloudy????

  9. My deca was easy to get out of the bag. It was clumpy and very waxy but it didn't stick to the bag much. Heat might be a good idea although I no longer bake. After I filter into the final vile I call it a job well I'm thinking that the heat with the pin in the vile cap damages the elasticity of the rubber. I've had 2 viles leak by using that method. Maybe a hot water bath at near boiling with a 25ga pin to vent would work.

  10. how long did it take to filter using that filter bro? Or how would you compare that filter to others you've used in the past?

  11. I'll let GiJoe respond to that. I PMed him my report. He has several testers right now. I think he's going to address the filters after all the reports are in.

  12. I have a few on the way to test, just wondering what you thought about them so far

  13. What happened to my pictures?

  14. Bump

    Great conversion.

    What happened to the pics ?

  15. What compund do you convert to end up with deca powder? And how is it done?


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