Need advice on what Prohormone to stack with Test enanthate

  1. Need advice on what Prohormone to stack with Test enanthate

    I'm 40 and began competitive powerlifting and bodybuilding in 1988. cycled old school (what everyone else used) anabolics, like test cyp , deca, eq, and a little d-bol once or twice a year usually in low dose 12-16 week cycles (i kept more of my gains with longer cycles) and pct consisting of hcg or HMG(much stronger) and clomid or nolva from age 22 to 36. Just a little background info.
    I have trained naturally for the last 3 years and stay around 195lbs at 12% bodyfat. I was 234 at 5' 10" back in 1995 after a test, eq, anabol cycle. Always Frontloaded the d-bol and use it first in the cycle for 4-6 weeks, ran test the whole cycle, and began deca or eq after finishing the oral and continuing with it til the end. The Idea back then was that the boldenone or nandrolone would solidify the initial wet gains from the first month of dbol. Worked great for me.
    I'm about to begin a test enanthate cycle and going to subsitute a prohormone for the d-bol that I used to use in the past.
    I train modified Dogcrap style and have always made steady impressive gains on low doses of anabolics in the past. I'm planning on using low dose superdrol or dymethazine for the first 4 weeks . thinking running low dose x-tren for the last 4 weeks or eq-plex for the last 8weeks. Pct is very much covered.
    I have litttle first hand experience with these new anabolics other than a 2 week test run of superdrol and a 2 week run of epi which confirmed to me that these are true anabolics and I'm about to use them in a proper cycle and find out for myself what they can really do.
    I will be running a base of 500mgs of test per week for entire cycle.
    ****Do you guys agree that 10-20mg of s-drol (or 15-30 mg dymethazine) would be the best thing to start this cycle with.? I think the the members of this board have the most hands on experience with the new anabolics.
    I cant wait to see how the gains compare to the D-bol that i used in the past. May post a log when I begin.
    Thanks, Mr. Blues


  2. could use m-drol or p-plex for a kick start

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