effects of 19-nor

  1. effects of 19-nor

    does anyone know the side effect of 19-nor if taken in a great amount with 4ad?

    500/day 19nor
    500/day 4ad

  2. side effects from 19nor should be few and far between, there is however a problem with prolactin increase

    as for 4ad sides, thats another story

  3. I was wondering if anyone has tried this combo you have mentioned. Some people think that you can not use the two together because they are changed by the same enzyme. But Pat A disagrees. What do you all think?

  4. I mean that Pat A thinks you can take both and they would work, not that both are not changed by the same enzyme.

  5. Thanks Pogue

  6. The conclusion is they do compete for the enzyme if both taken transdermally?
    I've read some threads with many people getting great results from Nordiol and 4-diol -- not sure if the 4-diol was actually 4-ad (oral).

    In a few months I wanted to do a Nordiol and 4-diol homebrew... still researching if this is the best way to go...

  7. The thign with using the 2 is that they are converted by the same enzyme... KNowing that you have to know that the enzyme is a catylist so that means when it converts the nor or 4-ad the enzyme does not change properties itself. Also it takes bassically no time for the conversion to happen. This means that you will always have enough enzyme to convert all the nor and 4-ad that you want.. Hope that helps.. Talk to ya....
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  8. i see i see.... they both use the same enzyme, but they do not neccessarily compete for it?


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