what i'm thinking.. would like some feedback.. maybe a source that I can get 3mg IGF-1 for a discount.. mine you gotta get all 1mg for same price..

height: 5'10"
weight: 184
BF: 9%

Current Lifts:
Bench: 315
DL: 400

Due to various non-lifting injuries, knee, elbow, ankle.. those are off my all-time highs of a couple of years ago:

Eat around 3500 cals.. right now.. looking to jump to around 4200 soon..and then probably 5000..

Cycle idea:
Apr pin 10mcg IGF-1 bi-lat for 4 weeks
May run var and something else (pref. something puts on strength over size.. tren??).. var for 6 weeks.. other for 3 or 4..
Mid July run another 4 weeks of bi-lat 10mcg IGF-1

i have all the support ****.. and clomid.. tomax.. hcg.. hair products

gain a lot of strength/speed.. hit 220.. and then cut to around 210.. not screw myself over

any concerns.. any suggestions on what to run with the var.. would be welcome.. i'll log it if there is any interest

edit: 220 might seem unrealistic.. but i'm normally around 200 and should be back around there pretty easy before i take anything