Like a fine wine.....

  1. Like a fine wine.....

    Can we hear from some of the older guys as to:
    1) are the effects of a cycle diminshing with age?
    2) how hard is it to hold mass with age?
    3) any age specific problems?
    4) cycles per year?

    I'm just interested in what happens down the track to hear from the experienced guys - what happens at 40, 45, 50, 55, 60? after all - we're all going to get there one day and I want to know what its like there with gear?

  2. Excellent topic! Some of us are already there and wondering the same things...
    I was gonna ask about being 40+ and using tren or other heavily androgenic drugs,
    esp. as it relates to the prostate. I just discovered tren, annd I'd hate to give it up,
    but I also don't want BPH at age 45...
    Anyone have any experience??

  3. finasturide is the answer to your prostate worries.....

  4. I thought finasteride only prevented the conversion of test to DHT? It wouldn't do that much about drugs that act directly on the prostate, would it? I've been thinking about just using test along with finasteride, but tren is so sweeeeeet....

  5. In comparision to an early twenties man to a 40+ man, some have an easier time due to a slow down of their metabolism (yet it is still quite fast), and some that started out w/ a slower metabolism will have a horrible time with GH reduction, etc. at an older age in relation to fat storage, etc.

    Everybody's different, you can only put yourself in a bracket and go from there in "predicting" your future somatype so to speak...

  6. I'm 50 years old but I can't answer any of your questions because I'm just getting started and have only done prohormones (and "prosteroids") so far.

    I think it has helped me to gain LBM.



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