H-DROL cycle starting in March

  1. H-DROL cycle starting in March

    hey guys I have 3 bottles of Hdrol that I've had laying around since the ban..Plan on starting in March..Ive done an Epi cycle back in Nov, so this will be my first time on Hdrol..Planning on running 50/75/75/75/75/75 or100 for Pct i was gonna run the TRS stack from Primordial performance I have heard great things about this stack for PCT..I do have liquid Nolva left over from my epi run..do you think I'll even need to use it since i have the TRS stack..

    Also very important question: I've been taking formex for about a month and Im on my last week so i was wondering how long should I wait after finishing the fiormex before start Hdrol??

    i am gonna load cylce support for 2 wks prior and thru Pct...Fish oil, multi, ZMA,cissus,

    What do you all think? any suggestions?


  2. BUMP for suggestions!

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