Anavar or hdrol

  1. Anavar or hdrol

    I am 27
    5 6 "
    155 lb
    3 years in the gym

    Wich would be a better oral cycle for gaining cuality muscle and cutting?
    wich of these two is more potent?

  2. bump anyone???

  3. first cycle?

    if money isn't a concern...Anavar IMO will yield better results in less time

    Hdrol will require a minimum of 2 bottles= $60 and most people respond best in the 6-8week range length of a cycle.

    Both are good choices if you know what you're doing, but I think var will bring more strength to the table and aid in your goals better.

  4. yes first cycle and its a litle more expensive tan h drol where I live central america
    and pct nolva?
    goin to run it for 6 weeks at 25 mg

  5. Are you kidding me? Var by a landslide when dosed high enough

  6. Serm is necessary for Var PCT...though many will criticize that notion. A basic test booster should be included as well IMO. If joints are typically an issue- joint support should be supplemented too- with either compounds.

    Some tend to think its not necessary for Hdrol cycles- at least shorter ones...I disagree. At least a low dose should be used in Hdrol PCT.

    I also think the minimum dose of Var you will need ED should be at least 40mg...though to be honest I have never run and my knowledge of the compound is strictly limited to reading/observation. The length is typically around 6 weeks I believe. Again, this is just off the top of my head- don't chew me for this.

  7. yes goin to run a serm just to be safe as pct

  8. Ran Hdrol and used Reversitol for a week and a half or gyno. I dont think a SERM is necessary but everyone's body is different I guess.

  9. If your looking to put on muscle, then I would recommend H-Drol.

    Var is good. But H-Drol is definitely going to put a bit more dry mass on than Anavar.


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