Please judge stack, and an alternative

  1. Question Please judge stack, and an alternative

    {First, please no flames on PH's, I know some of your opinions already,thanks}

    I sent this prototype stack to a friend and he made some drastic changes. I would value all of your assessments. Nutrition, vitamins, workout, all assumed OK. Very comprehensive bloodwork done yesterday, too soon for results.

    My stack as originally designed (to start in a few weeks or so):
    day 1 to 11, 40 mcg igf [25 days=1 vial]
    day 12 to 25, 40 mcg igf; 15 mg m1t; ramp up to full 4 ad transdermal.
    day 26 to 33, 1-test TD, 4 ad TD
    day 34 to 42, ramp down 1 test TD, 4 ad TD
    day 43 to 71, 6 0x0
    day 43 to 71, if any signs nolva needed, start at 40 mg ramp down to zero

    My reasoning: First get some new cell growth. Then bulk it aggressively with m1t for 2 weeks. Quit m1t because I can't go more time, or sides kick in hard. Switch to 1 test since I like it and I have a bunch. 4ad throughout to add 'animal attitude'. Taper off to none, avoids sudden swings, reduces estradiol spikes. 6 oxo pct, with nolva backup. I don't want to use nolva unless needed. I might be talked into a testicle restarter around day 40 for a couple days.

    My friend's suggested alteration (and reasoning):

    "since IGF solidify gains after bulking/androgen cycle. i sugest you run you run the IGF after finish your finish from m1t/tT/4-ad during the PCT. plus your running the 1-test 4-ad for very short time. and you dont need the 1-test IMO when running M1t. use nolva instead of 60x0 if u can.

    "that will be somthing like that:

    "28 days (3 weeks) m1t 10 mg ED
    28 days 4-ad 600-900 mg transdermally
    days from 29 to 57 day 40 mcg IGF-1 Long R3 at 40 mcg (25 days)
    nolva at 40mg ed for 2 weeks after m1t/4-ad. then another 2 weeks at 20 mg ed.

    "i read alot about IGF, but to be honest im not an expert about this stuff. as i never used it before. i can help you more in the androgens/ supplement field. why dont post and ask if your cycle looks ok at AM board. there are many knoledgable bros there. i can start you a thread if u want to ask about your cycle."


  2. Moving this to the PH forum.. where you might get a better response.. And I don't think you would get much in the way of flames about PH's here..

  3. Run it like this:

    weeks 1-2: 1Test and 4AD dermal
    weeks 3-4: M1T and 4AD dermal

    PCT:Nolva or Nolva/6OXO and IGF-1.

    *IMHO, theres no need to taper up and taper off dosages in the beginning and end of the cycle. Unless you're assesing your body to new androgens. But in this case you said yourself that you've already done them before. So just keep doses the same from start to end...

  4. Most people say that their 1test dermals don';t start to "kick in" fully until weeks 3 or 4. So as soon as it starts to kick in so to speak, you'll get even more benefit from the M1T at weeks 3 and 4.

    Also, the IGF is better run during PCT as you have heard, so it will help solidify gains...

  5. I like Jergo's suggestions. There is no need at all to taper 1-test and 4-ad.



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