sust and pct

  1. sust and pct

    im looking at getting some sust soon for a cycle and will be discussing it with a mate of mine who can source the stuff out for me here in the uk.

    the guy uses all sorts of gear himself, sust, winny, dbol etc etc and is in very good shape (amateur competitions etc), this is why i regard his opinion quite highly.

    However when it comes to pct he seems to maintain the theory that it isnt needed and in his words "you shouldnt piss about with all that pct stuff", he said that ill be taking such little amounts of sust that its not even required.

    Is this just crazy talk or can it have some sort of truth behind it, can 500mg sust a week be ok without pct? the reason i ask is because pct seems to get emphasised on these boards a fair bit with using tests etc.

  2. He may be very knowledgable about how he reacts to test/sust, but I wouldn't apply that to how you're gonna react. At the very least, I would have nolvadex on hand anyway (as you should too) and if I didn't need it during the cycle (probably wouldn't, but who knows), I'd take it at the end using a PCT protocol. True, sust is 'self-tapering' and all that, but why take a chance?

  3. You are going to have to do PCT... the body's on production of test is going to be shutdown due to your use of test.. also sust is not really self tapering.. it does contain different esters but you need to start PCT after the longest half life ester clears your body..

  4. there is NO REASON to not do PCT, and many, many reasons TO DO PCT, you figure out the logic. There is plenty of discussion around here as to why it's needed. Some people succeed despite what they do, not because of it. (can't remember where that quote is from)

  5. cheers for the advice guys gonna read into pct this week.

    ps jweave23 cool avatar



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