Halovar ?

  1. Halovar ?

    I just bought a bottle of Halovar, and I had a couple of questions. First off, i'm in the military and I was wondering if Halovar shos up in drug tests as a steroid or if it will throw anything way of the charts. Second of all, what are the side effects.

  2. Hello, I'm new as well to this forum and Pro Hormones, as far as testing goes I have heard yes for showing increased test but no for steroid? So not possitive, im in the boat of doing research myself now. For side effects, I have heard of back pumps, head aches/increased blood pressure and liver harshness (take some sore of liver support and prostate support). Also make sure you fully understand the importance, as everyone will tell you this, to have a post cycle therapy on hand to restore natural test level productions after the cycle.

  3. what kinda of testing? If military urine test, then No.

    Sides will depend, the most ppl dont see much.

    PCT? yes have every thing in hand prior to dosing.

  4. You shouldn't even be able to notice any bad sides at all with Halovar if you dose correctly, it's pretty mild. I've run Halovar and Hdrol (which i think are pretty much the same) with no sides at all and some good boosts in strength and weight. But of course, always have a good PCT in line. Not sure about testing...

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