Just finished Dermacrine cycle, straight onto H-Drol?

  1. Just finished Dermacrine cycle, straight onto H-Drol?


    I've just completed my first PH cycle and it was Dermacrine, 4 pumps a day for 4 weeks. I noticed quite a strong 'rush' of energy/focus/vitality on the first 4 days which diminished soon thereafter. I completed the cycle anyway and after a good 3-day split of power-lifts and one day isolation movements a week, I've added 10lbs to my deads (5x5 120kg) and a measly 7.5 lbs to my ch press (5x5 75kg) . I'm following this up with a month of Brazilian Ginseng (Suma) which has ecdysterone and other endocrine balancers in it. The thinking being that because Dermacrine is so mild, I won't need much else.

    I'm 35yrs old, 185cm and weigh 75kg.

    I've been training for over 10 years and consistently fail to pack on good quality muscle even if I eat like a horse. Ecto all the way. Great for definition but man, what an effort to pack on good mass.

    My question is mainly this - now that I've finished the Derma, I'm keen to start something a bit stronger. How soon do you think I'll be able to start a (mild) H-Drol cycle? I was thinking something like 25/25/50/50 to begin and see how my body reacts (experiment later) and follow it up with:

    Inhibit E 2/2/1/1
    PCT Assist
    Lean Extreme
    Liver Assist XT

    Any tips on dosing for my PCT?

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  2. usually time on equals time off . even tho dermacrine is mild at least a natty test booster is reccommended like sustain alpha after as a pct. I dont think it would be a good idea to go from dermacrine then to hdrol. had u stacked them together that would have been fine. and at those dosages of hdrol you will be wasting your time to be honest. you need to start at 50mg at work up at least to 75-100. and 6 weeks on hdrol is better if u plan on ramping up and not starting at a high dose. but I wouldnt go from dermacrine straight to hdrol because if ur slightly shutdown from dermacrine then hdrol is just going to shut u down more.

  3. Thanks for the advice. I'll wait a month before starting an H-Drol cycle and probably up the dose if you think it will have little or no effect. My thinking from reading other posts was that I'd go for a 4 week cycle and assess any sides/reactions before going for a longer cycle later in the year.

    Does anyone have any idea whether ecdysterones interfere with test boosters by way of them being adaptogenics? My understanding of the ecdysterones was that they normalized hormonal levels from being too low OR too high.

  4. ecdy doesnt have any effects on hormones

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