Test 400 blend. How high should/can i go?

  1. Test 400 blend. How high should/can i go?

    Ok so I just started running Test enan and eq. Test at 600mg/wk and eq at 400mg/wk. I came
    Test Decanoate-200mg
    Test Isocaproate-30mg
    Test Phenylpropionate-40mg
    Test Propionate-30mg
    Test Cypionate-50mg
    Test Enanthate-50mg

    I've never seen a blend quite like this. Has a **** load of short esters. I'm going to have a friend start his cycle with it. His enan and eq will be here in 3-4 weeks. My main question is, with this blend, what amount should he run? He's ran 500mg of enanthate for 10 weeks as his only other cycle. Since they are short acting esters should/can he run 3 or 4 cc's of it per week? 2-3? How would you guys jump start your cycle with it if you had 3-4 weeks till your enanthate gets here and you have a 10ml bottle of this?

  2. sh!t load of short esters? ....it has 2 (prop and phenylprop)

    edit out the brand name, thats not allowed here.

    if ur "friend" is going to use it, pinning 2x per week is fine. id do .75ml 2x week.

  3. I think i'd do 1/2ml EOD but basically the same thing

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