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  1. Cool Cycle Update

    since i got flammed on here on an earlier post i decided to take the input and critique my plans, originally had a clean diet basically maintaining my mass i had was good for me but not for geining, so i changed now im taking in anywhere from 3300-4000 calories on a given running 100mg fina EOD, and 250 MG Sust EOD, ive gained 4lbs already in the first week....the diet is tough taking in as much food but im doing it and sticking to it deffinately seeing a difference although i didnt expect to this early in the 4lbs ive geined ive leaned up a bit it looks like...went up alot on my shoulder presses today, usually rep the 75's about 6 times, got them twelve today and this was after two supersets before so that was a big boost for me...feel alot harder, hopefully the size geins will come in the next few weeks...if anyone has had any experience with this cycle please let me know how it went for you!!

  2. Up another lb today so thats 5 total in less than a week, im very suprised at what ive seen so far, ive slimmed down noticeably in my waste i had tiny love handles even tho i had abbs before, now they are completely gone and my V is shinning far have two shots of fin and sus down...deffinately getting stronger and my pumps are ridiculous idk what else could cause all of this its hard to believe its hit me this fast, but i guess you never know

  3. anybody have any ideas on some things i can do to help with any results? via certain workouts that might be particularly good, or anything i can tweak in a diet somethin to add in?

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