simple AMS or CEL 6week cycle?

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    simple AMS or CEL 6week cycle?

    well its getting near that time of the year where we all look towards cutting!
    I wanted to run a simple cycle before the summer that would help me cut up even more. I cant decide whether to run a 6 week cycle of an AMS cycle consisting of 1Andro, 4Andro, or a straight CEL Furaza cycle dosed at 200mg for 3 weeks and 250mg for the final 3 weeks? What do yall think? Goal is to cut down to 7-8% bf (currently at 10%). wouldnt mind adding a bit of lbm as well..

    Thanks guys

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    You wont get a good cut from the 1-ad or 4ad,the 4-ad is quite wet,so i would say go with the Furaza or stack it with the 1-ad if you want a bit of mass.

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