Making a transdermal... - Isopropyl Myristate...apparently this is the active ingredient (alternative to DMSO) that is used. I notice a lot of people use this as well as pure Isopropyl alcohol...

one question is: why use the pure isopropyl alcohol and distilled water if the active ingredient and carrier is the isopropyl myristate? Is it too harsh on the skin? if so, could one not get better absorbtion from using the pure isopropyl myristate with whatever ingredients (i.e. Fina or Test). ??

Second Question: could someone please reference the best transdermal recipe that you've used for Fina and/or Test?

Third and Last Question: Is a more pure form of DMSO less likely to give you the "sh*& breath" or will all DMSO do it and is DMSO the BEST carrier for a transdermal?

Thanks very much for any legit replies...