M1T Muscle Cramps

  1. M1T Muscle Cramps

    Hey there, just finished my first cycle of M1T and I noticed alot of stiffness and sometimes when I pushed really hard muscle cramps. For example I did military barbell press when I would push really hard, my glutes would tighten up to feel like a charlie horse, but the pain was X10 of a charlie horse. Not sure if this is due to the M1T or just me not stretching properly. Does anyone know??

  2. Eat some bananas, need potassium in ya.
    Also, try and get some taurine.

    That should work.

  3. I have been eating about 3 bananas a day and I have been taking glutamine. My cycle is done now anyways I was just wondering if it was because of the M1T.

  4. Yeah man, what else would it be from?
    Maybe if you dont know what they are, or what caused em, then u shouldnt be doing PH's.

    Get ur weight up son, you don't want none of deez here Ph's


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