Need Help: Supplementation For Football

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    Need Help: Supplementation For Football

    I am a seventeen year old football player entering my final season of high school football. I have been lifting since the day after my freshman season ended and have experienced some good gains from pure hard work but want to do everything I can to take me from an all league and all county player to an all state player who will draw some college interest. I could really use some advice from some of you who are experienced with different hormones out there.

    Currently I am on a protein powder, creatine, a multi vitamin, and ZMA. I am willing to try anything that will not take years off my life and would like to start in the next few weeks so that I have six months of gains before football season. I can can probably get together up to 2,000 dollars to spend on the next six months of supplementation. Currently I am thinking about adding HGH and Andro to what I am currently using but I am pretty sure there are much more effective stacks I can be using. I realize I am very limited by the fact that I am under 18 but please don't tell me to get off the site but instead tell me what I can do at my age. Also I really don't under stand how the post cycle supplementation works so any help with that would be great as well.

    Thank you for reading this and for any help you can give me.

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    Dude you're not old enough to be using those things. You need to just eat more and lift hard for a while.
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    If you are not good enough to be all state and to be recognized by colleges w/o steroids then it's probably not in the cards for you even if you do use. They are not magic pills, and can only take you so far.

    Train naturally and practice harder. You do not need to be using.

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