1 Thp

  1. 1 Thp

    Just found this wepsite anyway I have be taking for 3 weeks a product from advatage labs called 1 THP 1 capsule 3 times dailey, would want to here opions on this product and your recommended dosage so far I gained 7lbs will test strength this weekend on bench max. Will be changing to trandemals as so as I read more about them

  2. duration of ur cycle thus far...dosage?

  3. I just finished my 3rd week at one capusle 3 times a day

  4. Bulldog would you mind posting what the THP is and what is supposed uses are. Thanks

  5. I said I was interested in strength gains, I'm a powerlifter so this is what was recommended. It has: 5a-Androst-1ene-17b-of-3-one Ether 100mg, also Maltodextrin, Magnesium,stearate

  6. Thanks for the clarification man. Hope it goes well.

  7. A,I would like to know what you guys think of this stuff is it any good, I was planning a 9 wk cycle, or I might get off for 3 wks and start a test pro cycle

  8. ok a thp takes awhile to get into ur system i myself have used them and loved them..but in all seriousness it doesnt hold a candle to t-1 pro..i **** u not..at least for mee it was better and a trans gets u results quicker..there both 1-test supps so they will bioth give good gains just a matter of how fast ya want them

  9. Thanks, that was what I was looking for can't wait to start the test-1, this site is really helping me, I appreciate all the comments


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