Adding 4-AD to AS cycle...

  1. Adding 4-AD to AS cycle...

    Little backround first... Been using AS off and on for the past 4 years. Done quite a bit of AS at one time.. EX. Test 1500mg pw, Deca 400mg pw and D-bol 50mg ED was my last cycle. Well the past 4 months i ventured into the exciting world of LEGAL prohormones! Done 3 M1T cycles and loved em all! Lethargy was a killer though. Currenty running M,14AD at 70mg ED with Test Enth at 600mg. I've never tried any 4-AD and have a few bottles of Legal Gears Transdermal 4-AD. I really want to throw it into this cycle. Waste of time?? I know it converts to test in your body but 600mg is actually a semi low dose for me of test. A little more would be nice... Honest oponions would be great....

  2. Yeah you can add it, but if you're already using enanthate, why not just increase that dosage? 4ad is a great PH, but you will be disappointed if you're looking for it to be as effective as real test. If you think about it, the main reason we use PHs is to avoid the legal issues of AAS.

  3. Well MONEY is the one and only thing really stoping me right now from just using more AS, well that and my source is going shaddy. So for the next little bit low doses of AS and some PH added in there. Should i go ahead and give it a try? Not expecting anything to dramtic. just a couple pounds would be nice.

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