So I am a week into my M1T cycle (10mg) and other then some slight bloating i haven't really noticed any sides. Muscles feel a bit more full, but I lifted heavier then normal so who knows.

    Two days ago the girl calls me and says "Hey, we just booked a beach house in Panama for Spring break, we are leaving March 9th"

    So my diet quickly went from nice tasty big meals to plain chicken / tuna (Super super clean)

    I have pct ready... I am on very good support...

    My question is can I run EC/Clen while on M1t, or am I just asking for problems / killing gains?

    I have clen, and T3 (Ran both before with great results)

    My last day of M1T will be Feb 26th, PCT and have 11 days till I leave for spring break. So I can run Clen from the 26th till the 12th, So I dont want to take clen after the 12th.

    So if I started clen tomorrow, I could go 1 week clen, 2 week EC, then 2 week clen w/pct.

    Any thoughts?? I just dont want to be on spring break bloated / looking fat...


  2. Sounds like you want to cut. Why not just stop the cycle run pct eat super clean and do a **** load of cardio

  3. I just don't wanna be a bloated mess at the beach, its not so much that I want to cut.. I just dont wanna add fat while I am on m1t. So I am eating super super clean now.. I just didnt know if I could run EC/Clen while on it or not... I assume I can.. just wanted to get some idea.

    I would be most concerned about the blood pressure increase that comes with Clen and M1t. And with EC I would really need to up the water intake even more... as the Ephedra will dehydrate an already not happy liver.

    Was just wondering if I was missing something

  4. no experience with M1T, but im assuming ur holding a lot of water. what have ur gains be like so far? what is ur current bf%?

  5. My experience with M1T is HUGE gains the end of the 2nd week throughout the remainder of the cycle. I am +4 pounds on the week.

    I am 14% at 200 pounds, and right now I am 208. The goal was to get up to 225ish by the end of the cycle then cut the excess off. But I can't do that now so I am just trying to stay as lean as possible.

    I think I am going to start EC tomorrow just to help the cut start, not going to worry about clen till PCT.

    I would of liked to get down to 190ish if I had known I was going on spring break.

    Hopefully I can be back around 12% for the vacation.

  6. just watch ur BP with the EC and M1T. Clen in PCT is a wise decision.

    cardio cardio cardio for the next few weeks. also, carb cycling would be very helpful

  7. No worries brah. I live here in Panama City Beach and everyone is nasty bloated during spring break. In fact the quality of women has gone down hill considerably. But if you're super worried about it, dump the m1 and start your pct with lots of morning cardio.

  8. Panama City= Under the radar AIDS/STD fest.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Hardnutcheck View Post
    Panama City= AIDS/STD fest.
    fixed it

  10. I'd just start pct and try to lean out if you are that worried about being a little bloated.


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