Another take on the recent busts

  1. Another take on the recent busts

    I found this on Meso.. which had lifted from UG.. but it does make you think..

    From a smart bro over at the UG...Date: January 20, 2003 10:12 PM Author: Yipschwirsch Propischewitz ([email protected])

    Subject: Survival of the baby turtles. A lot of us have been very nervous about busts and getting busted. Just like a lot of us became nervous about flying and traveling after the terrorist attack. The reason for this is human nature. We don't hear about all the people who don't get busted. But when someone does, it's on the board and in our face. When we truly analyze the odds for what they are, our chances of being busted are rather small. Consider there are 1000,000 active accounts as the home page with the pretty girl says. Now let's be conservative and say 10% of these people do 1 cycle every 6 months. That's 20,000 deliveries a year. Out of those, how many home deliveries get busted? Let's say 20. How many of those do time? Maybe 5 or 6? Please feel free to adjust these numbers because it's really not my point. If our odds truly are 1 in 4,000 that we'll serve any time, is it worth holding back? Not for me. But let's say we hear about all these busts as each one gets a dedicated thread. I understand how comforting it is to come here for sympathy and advice so we get to hear all the sordid details of our fallen brethren and our sympathy and fear grows. So we stop ordering to "Lay LOW" for a few months. Well what that does is screw the odds against those of us who do. If there are 100 DEA agents for every 10,000 personal shipments and half of us stop ordering because we're too scared our chances of getting busted double. So please, stop cowering. I know people get busted. We roll the dice. Suppliers don't make it any easier for us as they continue to offer substantial discounts on bulk orders which definitely raises the stakes and the DEA's interest. But look at the numbers objectively. If 1 in 4000 personal deliveries results in jail time (i'm still talking conservatively here), we have better chances winning local sweepstakes for a free mountainbike or car stereo system. How many of us eagerly enter mountainbike raffles thinking we'll win? My advice to the underground community is to continue ordering. Order more often and in smaller ammounts. This lowers the penalty should we get caught. Flood the delivery channels with small fish as the DEA's resources ARE LIMITED and they won't be able to keep up with more orders. And don't let the few posts about personal busts ruin our way of life. Remember, if you stop ordering, they have already won. ~BookWorm~ Yes, I'm a CAT person! 1817

  2. Interesting view.... helps put things in perspective

  3. that was just what I was thinking when I read it.. got to remember the slow, less intelligent of all species get caught... survival of the fittest... be smart or fast and you will survive.


  4. my motto is keep ur mouth shut and ur ears open

  5. Another eye opener. Wow this is getting more and more interesting.



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