How long should I wait after my cycle?

  1. Post How long should I wait after my cycle?

    When is a good time to start using an estrogen blocker? Should I start use a week post cycle, and are my nuts going to be non-existent after my cycle?

    T-200 Enanthate
    200 Norandren
    200 Prop
    50 mgs winny 2-3 wks

    Think I'll be able to get a stiff one?

  2. okay, enough w/ the moronic posts already. Do a search, and you'll have your answer.

    We do not cater to the lazy, try for that. And it's called "POST CYCLE THERAPY" not an "estrogen blocker" the point of it being to stop estrogen but more importantly to get your normal test production going to help retain gains.

    And if you're worried about getting a "stiff one" grab cialis, but u should be okay.

  3. thread closed. please refrain from making anymore posts unless using the search button is not helpful.

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