m drol h drol cycle questions PLEASE READ and HELP

  1. m drol h drol cycle questions PLEASE READ and HELP

    In a couple weeks i will be starting a new cycle and am hoping for some serious and constructive criticism about not only my cycle but my pct questions a well...

    A couple stats about me->
    age: 23
    weight: 190
    height: 5 11
    approx body fat: 10%
    training cycle: 6 days a week for next 6 weeks
    bench 5x5: 240, squat 5x5: 305, deadlift 5x5: 335

    For my third ph cycle I have chosen to attempt to take both m and h drol for a period of six weeks.

    In addition to cycle assist I will be of course taking a milk liver thistle as well as multi vitamins and fish oils. I plan on continuing taking my morning, mid day, and nightly protein, glutamine, and creatine mix as well as my no xplode for pre work out.

    As far as my pct goes I have been planning on skipping the CEL pct support and either continue with the cycle support (i have allot left over from previous) or purchase a SERM.

    From being a long time reader of the forum and only a first time poster I would assume the two main SERMs to go with is the liquid clomi and liquid nolva... from what ive found I can only find each for around 50/bottle, which seems rather expensive to me....

    from reading the forum ive read that I should contact a moderator with questions of where to buy...

    my reason for posting the thread: i am hoping for answers on the following:
    *what are the suggested dosages for both the h drol and m drol and should I stagger when I start them?
    *what should I take for my pct, when should I start them, and (hoping im not breaking and forum rules) where can I purchase them andnot get raped by costs?
    *any other questions our comments please ask!

    i am starting the cycle in two weeks and hope to have some help before then,

    thank you for your time and considerations,

  2. 1. have you ran hdrol and mdrol solo before? that would be a determining factor in how you want to dose them because everyone responds differently and having run them before would allow you to know what your sweet spot is.

    2. PMing a mod for a ******** FAIL

    3. Dont ask for sources

    4. if you dont have a SERM then dont attempt this cycle please.

    5. and if 50 dollars for a serm seems too expensive then dont run the cycle.

    6. get a natty t-booster and cort control.
    PCT assist and reduce XT/Suppress C are favorites around these parts
    Stoked, Testopro, Diesel Test, sustain alpha, and REcycle are all good choices aswell.

    7. a steroidal AI would be welcomed in a dosing scheme tapered up inverse to the serm around week 3 or so and tapered down towards end of pct

  3. Thanks for your input sanchez,
    -yes i have ran both solo and would just like to attempt both at same time and in determining their dosages.
    - I found a source for my pct and have been planning on purchasing the liquid clomi and liquid tamox for both my SERM and test booster.
    - I realize that 6 weeks is a dumb idea, especially for such a potent cycle and will more than likely reduce to 4 weeks.
    - Thanks for the advise on ther choices for test-boosters

    any other question/comments/improvements would be greatly appreciated,

  4. Dude, Mdrol is not to be taken lightly, I've run the sht on both a low dose and high dose be careful. Hdrol will elevate your BP - not sure on runnin them both together, could be recipe for disaster on your lipids...eh but your young - right?

    Good luck.

  5. thanks. yes im young but i still want to be safe and will listen to everyone in only taking mdrol for 4 weeks but will try 10/20/20/30

  6. Hmmm this is funny......


    Different people giving you the same advice...Again I have stacked them in the past but wouldn't do it again and DO NOT recommend it. As said on your other thread try a bridge or run the m-drol solo at 10/20/20, not 10/20/20/30!

  7. Bloody right about the BP on hdrol,i`ve been taking a phera/sdrol stack for the last three weeks with AI cycle support and my BP has been fine,i started a bridge to hdrol last week and my BP has shot up,so much so that i`m having trouble sleeping.

    It is an awsome mix though,but really quite stupid,my body and mind are starting to say NO.

  8. So what does everyone take for th BP issue on HDrol? I think I read celery extract from someone. Is that the best, or other options?

  9. Celery seed extract,hawthorn berry extract,cq10 etc etc.I would have said red yeast rice too but it has an effect on the liver so maybe not so good with methyls.

    CEL cycle support is very good for all of these ingredients and more.

  10. CelerySeed extract/Hawthorn Berry/Co-Q 10.....all winners for blood pressure/ lipid profile.....


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