Serious Info. on Cronic

  1. Serious Info. on Cronic

    Posted at MESO by Cronic followed by a reply from FLEX - it's getting pretty thick guys:

    Date: 01/22/03 12:31 AM
    Edited: 01/22/03 03:46 AM
    Author: Cronic [Send Email to Author] [Author Profile]
    Subject: my own personal hell

    There have been alot of runors as of late some are true and some are very untrue, one that is true is that I was busted! My door was kicked in by federal agents and local law enforcement, they cuffed me and proceeded to tell me that the GH order I was waiting for (34 kits of gh for the bro's at AU) was not comming and that they had been watching me for quite some time. They also said they had been watching my board and that is how they knew about the GH deal (they are watching alot of boards). They even watched me send the money for the GH deal and that is why they knew it was going to florida and because of that it was intercepted. They had been watching me get stuff in, they had my bank records, my shipping records, everything!

    The lead postal inspector was a name some of you might be familiar with, the same guy that got cyber AS, Bryan Witt! I am now in a world of **** because of all of this and am pretty ****ing scared as this guy witt has me by the balls!! I thought I was being safe, souring only to trusted friends and being very carefull and I listen to alot of the advice of guys on the boards and took precautions, but let me tell you, none of it did me any good!! They had so much info on me it made my head spin....If you think you can hide what you are doing and do it safely you are wrong!!! I never expected my door to get kicked in, and I never expected the world of **** I am now in! IF you are sourceing AS on the side, (even to a small degree like I was), and you think you won't get caught, You are WRONG!! Do not be foolish, these guys are very good at what they do. I could not believe what they knew about what I was doing.

    Now, before I post the search warrant, I wanna touch on something else! Supergirl, a mod at CEM (and others), keeps blabbing **** about me being tony soprano....Well I am here to tell you, she is full of ****. I was busted in missouri, which is where I live. TS is somewhere out west, near the mex border!! How the hell would I come up with all the mex goods I would need to source on his level living in missouri???? Ya, noone seems to be able to explain that, but some are convinced I am him! I just wanted to set the record straight and let you know I am not him. I have attached the search warrant below, Be safe all, you never know who is watching! Cronic

    I attached the search warrant to my post on the main board, general discussion!

    Date: 01/22/03 10:40 AM
    Author: FLEX* [Send Email to Author] [Author Profile]
    Subject: cronic i call you out

    Cronic posted today he got busted. I remember that for few months there something new every week that Creonic is a rat or nark. How many sources around posted that Cronic ratten on them to IPS provider ? What about Muzgy ? How many times was poste that he is ****ing rat ? Where is he now ? He scammed recently.

    Guys, I am sorry, but this board was only to fool you and steel your money. They controlled your minds, they created many sources just to scam you.

    You better run away now. These guy are hot a hell.




  2. Moral of the story- Stay the **** away from any board that has souces who openly post they are such.

  3. BIG BUMP!.... I ain't going back there ever again.  I don't want to be associated with them.  Good thing  I've never ordered anything from those people. 

    Rules one would be wise to follow:

    1.  If someone open source posts, they will be popped at one point or another - don't even take the risk...

    2.  Find a good source, someone who is discreet and only has a handful of clients.

    3.  Never mention where you got it from, even to good bros without the permission of the source.

  4. Good points WYD..

  5. ok that was a scary dose of reality

  6. That is a definate eye opener. Sorry that it had to happen to him. I guess they are watching when we even don't expect it. Hope he can come through with a slap on the wrist. This deserves a bump just for the fact that people really need to read it.

  7. Ugg, definitely open source posting is dangerous no matter where you go, or who you are. Scary ****, thanks for the post YJ.

  8. He also attached a file with his search warrant included, but Im not going to post that as its none of my business....


  10. yeah, i could have done a better job on that warrant with microsoft word. f*cking scamming piece of trash.

  11. Ok.....who wants more drama???

    The man named Cronic also goes by another name... Tony Soprano....sound familiar? Yes. They're one in the same. Scammed people for $10K+. He also goes by "JayRock" so look out. Scammed people all over meso, Posted a FAKE warrant I spoke of earlier (hand made on his computer. Signed by a magistrate who hasnt been active for sometime).

    Oh boy....cant trust anyone anymore aye?

  12. yeah i had been following that on anabolex...if u rememeber a similar thing happened on triedia,it was by cyberas..then he would later be known as thor was another guy from roid farm that scammed a lot of people.hell of a set up..hope these guys get it in the balloon knot with a heated wire hanger

  13. Originally posted by wojo
    yeah i had been following that on anabolex...if u rememeber a similar thing happened on triedia,it was by cyberas..then he would later be known as thor was another guy from roid farm that scammed a lot of people.hell of a set up..hope these guys get it in the balloon knot with a heated wire hanger
    Hmmm.....Mr. Spot Me is an admin. at another board.....

  14. right? if u rememeber big cat outed thor and was banned from triedia and roidfarm

  15. This entire situation is rather disturbing. Especially considering that people are now linking C to past scammers. This is all rather crazy. I offered my assistance over at Bolex and it was interesting to look into the situation.

    Its all rather sad.....

  16. Is there much to worry about from overseas guys like ip?

  17. Well that depends on the country they are in and the different laws. Some of the countries steriods are a big frinkin' deal and others they are India

  18. you do have to worry about this with IP though
    check out the anadrol I think it is about as effective as cell tech

  19. Killer link brother, karma for you..... and you're right, IP a-bombs are like sucking tit through a sweater

  20. Steriodlabs is great source of unbiased info for the community. If you haven't donated you might want to consider doing so. These are great guys. I donated quite some time ago, and I want to get some other products tested for my own personal knowledge. Thanks for the link for those that didn't know...

    Good Job

  21. all this really sucks , i was at that board of cronic , evrything so nice on the outside and **** going on unaware to all .the answer , u were there too , u shud know . sucks eh ?


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