transdermal of tren/4ad

  1. transdermal of tren/4ad

    i saw someone on here do this cycle. he used a kit on it first tho. my question is, will it make a big deal of i just crush up the pellets and dissolve them into the t-gel? my "source" has component TH and finaplix. Which would crush up/dissolve better? The TH is $2 cheaper. For my first time running Fina, what would be a good dose? I hover between 190 and 200 lbs. My last cycle was 1test/4ad/m5aa and ended up leaning out, gaining strength, and gaining LBM. Looking to gain strength and cut up for the summer this time.

    thanks in advance

  2. Either Fina or Component TH would work just grind them into a fine powder before puting them into the T-gel, no reason to buy a kit unless you plan on pining it (which would be my recommendation). As for doses with a transdermal I'm not too sure, let someone else answer that one.

  3. 100-150mg a day works great..theres a lot of debate if u should saponify the ester or leave it..all i know is trans tren worked great for me in just iso no binders filtered either..but no way would i do that again..that was the original "finasol"

    heres a good post by pro

  4. thanks, great post.

  5. you don't need to do all that.

    If you use a gel, just throw the pellets in.

    If you use a spray, then, yes, you have to do something like that

  6. If you just throw the pellets in the gel without at least crushing them - they will just swim in the gel and not disolve - if you are unsure about cleaving the ester then just get a pill cruscher from your local pharmacy and throw in the powder - it works great.

  7. um the pellets wont dissolve? why would u say that? experience because i know for a fact they will dissolve

  8. ok - i was full of **** i guess - just did not "think" you could just chuck the pellets in Tgel. the one time i did it - i crushed them and put the powder in and it was great.

  9. ok well i didnt mean to offend ya ..i also meant to writ the crushed pellets dissolve quicker but the pellets will dissolve and u gotta shake it for a day or other words crush the pellets

  10. btw goldy how were ur results?

  11. No offence taken. with the powder - i did not even have to heat the gel like i do with 4-ad, it just went right in and thats why i suggested the pill crusher. as for how i liked it - i would be hot and start sweating like a mofo at night then bc of the sweat i would get real cold and get bundled under the covers and then get hot and sweaty repeatedly , i would go thru 2-3 shirts a night. actually i was real hot all the time. The shortness of breath during w/o's was annoying too. aside from that, it was amazing for strength and it leaned me out while adding some pounds. only prob is i got food poisoning around day 5 of pct and could not hold anything down for 3 days - so i lost a lot.

  12. hmm, the process that pro posted to get pure tren powder doesn't seem too hard. if it will aid in absorbtion, and let me use less gel why not go ahead and do it right? or is there really not that much of a difference?

  13. not much difference at all.

    you don't even have to cruch the pellets. Just throw them in the gel and let them sit for a week, occasionally shaking.

    I haven't done any PH's or AS, but I have amassed a lot of knowledge


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