Are pins illegal?

  1. Are pins illegal?

    I am just wondering if the pins are illegal to have in your possesion or if it is a state regulation.

  2. state regs and depends on the state...

  3. In Beantown, pins are considered drug paraphinalia(sp?), unless you belong to a needle-exchange program.. I'm not sure how it works, but they give free pins to you every month, you can even dispose of old pins thru them..

  4. No matter what state your in syringes are considered drug parafanelia(sp?), and can give a policeman every right to search your car or the belongings you have on you. So dont just leave them laying around in plain view or hanging out of your gym bag.

  5. Wise thing to do: Keep everything in your home and it never leaves.

  6. ruffneck, you are absolutely 100% wrong. i may not be knowledgeable about EVERY state, but i am familiar with the laws in several. you claim "no matter what state you are in..." which is patently false.

    in any state where needles are otc, CLEAN needles (ie unused ones - w/o residue of heroin,etc) are NOT considered paraphernalia in and of themselves, they are NOT P/C for a search, etc.

    i think you are simply repeating urban myths.

    needles found in CONJUNCTION with other items can (in a totality of the circumstances manner) result in Reasonable Suspicion (enough for a terry v. ohio stop) or Probable Cause (justifying a search).

    i am not saying that it is not good advice to keep needles out of plain view. obviously, it is. it is your statement that needles are considered paraphernalia in and of themselves, and/or that they justify a search that i disagree with.

    common sense is key. for example, carrying a ziplock bag of creatine in your bag when you go to the airport is stupid.

    similarly, leaving needles in plain view in your car is similarly stupid - but it does not justify a search (PC) and it is not paraphernalia in and of itself IN states where needles are OTC

  7. Depends on the which state your in. I got my car searched one time (the cop said he smelled pot, fu**ing liar) but they found my extra bag of syringes and he started giving me sh** about how he can take me to jail just for having those. Then I informed him Im a diabetic and he said "Whats that?". I nearly went to jail for beating the cops head in but I gained my composure.

    I dont know if he was just trying to scare me about the syringes or not I never looked into it much further than that.

  8. i KNOW it depends on which state you are in. read what i wrote. he claimed this was the case in EVERY state. and i told him that was false. i then said IN STATES WHERE NEEDLES ARE OTC, it is NOT pc for a search.

    let me make this clear. in some states, needles are not OTC. in THOSE states, possession of pins could result in pc/rs etc.

    however, in states where needles ARE otc (which is how i qualified my statement) possession of same is NOT pc to search.


    obviously in a state where a pin is a prescription item, the rules are different than in states where they aren't. and that is consistent with what i said.

  9. jjjd, you seem a little hostile. Your post makes it seem like I disagreed with you, I didn't. Also, syringes are OTC here in CO, so the cop could have been lying I dont know like I said I didnt look into it further.

  10. the cop might have just been mistaken. contrary to popular belief, cops are not experts in the law (in many cases). for that matter, neither are prosecutors, defense attorneys, law professors (which is pretty sad) and judges.

    i wasn't hostile. i just try to speak precisely when it comes to legal matters, and didn't want my meaning misconstrued. my bad if it came out that way

  11. Quote Originally Posted by ironviking
    jjjd, you seem a little hostile. Your post makes it seem like I disagreed with you, I didn't.
    I didn't read his post as disagreeing with you either. It may just be your frame of mind today. You make a solid argument.

    Iron, that officer had to be pretty stupid not to know the difference between a syringe you can inject AAS with and an insulin syringe.

  12. Would you put the unopened syringes in your suitcase? In May I am going to be going home on a plane and that is during week 7 of my 1-test cyp cycle. I was thinking of putting the syringes in one of my pants pockets in my suitcase and was wondering if I could get in any trouble if they came across them? I am thinking that I can't because its rare that they open your suitcase anyway. Usually on domestic flights they might use a chemical that picks up scents and such as they go through your suitcase but syringes don't have a scent.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by size
    Wise thing to do: Keep everything in your home and it never leaves.
    Couldn't of said it better myself. No reason to take needles or AAS to the gym or anywhere else for that matter. Keep them in a locked box hidden in the home out of reach of animals and children and also me

  14. it doesn't say he assumed the slin syringes were for AAS. slin syringes are most frequently used by lawbreakers - for heroin, etc. iv injection or skin popping.

    without any further knowledge (post doesn't specify), i would assume the cop was thinking heroin, etc. not ass - if he saw slin pins.

    as for taking pins on a plane. you have FAA reg's, and you also have individual airline rules. if one is flying to a state where pins are OTC, it is better to simply buy pins there. it is not illegal to carry pins in baggage, but one should have them well marked inside a hard case- for the safety of the TSA guys if and when they open your bag.

    carrying slin pins ON an airplane should not be an issue, assuming one is also carrying insulin and DECLARES that at the boarding/x-ray area. slin pins can hardly be used as weapons, and some diabetics need insulin, so i am sure they carry on planes.

    the common sense advice is this - regardless of why one is using pins (diabetic, hrt, ec.) there are plenty of reasons to be carrying pins LEGALLY. however, even in states where pins are OTC, it is stupid to draw attention to the fact that one has them - to be careless about leaving them out, etc.

  15. Yea, Im sure the cop thought they were for heroin or something. He was pretty stupid though.

    Skumster, why dont you just mail some pins home to where youre staying at or your family's house and just tell them not to open it. Say it is like a lucky knife and you dont want to take the chance of them confiscating it at the airport.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by skumster225
    Would you put the unopened syringes in your suitcase? In May I am going to be going home on a plane and that is during week 7 of my 1-test cyp cycle.
    Personally, I would mail them home addressed to myself.


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