how's the current batch of M1T doing?

  1. how's the current batch of M1T doing?

    is the current bacth of m1t from power nutrition pretty good as the first batch or is it watered down??? i've noticed the price has plummeted but how is the quality of it???

  2. Quality should be the same bro......only thing that might have changed would be a lower mg/tab? Dunno, but they might be dropping the price due to the up and coming ban that people are awaiting....I'd say go for it.

  3. yea i wonder why Underground Labs m1t is so cheap?

  4. UL M1T is so cheap because it was so cheap to produce and the owner of Bulk Nutrition/1Fast400 thought that everyone else who was then selling it was charging extortionary prices. So he thought he'd make a batch and undercut them all. As a result of this, the other guys had to lower their prices, and the newer brands couldn't come in higher priced unless they had a bunch of fools' brand *cough* VPX *cough* loyalty. UL M1T is just as good, and there is an independent lab analysis posted which proves it.

  5. They may be just as good but Power Nutrition sponsors this board...and they offer M-1-T for the same price. If you are going to purchase M-1-T get it from Power Nutrition...




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