Going throught Anabolic Pharmacology by Seth Roberts is a must for every anabolic user to help not only design cycles but to help understand why and maybe debunk a myth every so often

Anyway here is one of them....

People have shyed away from the use if test blends fearing that one ester wears off before another one kicks.

They also believe that blends cause an unstable plasma level of testosterone so people inject more frequently...

Myth 1- injecting more frequent has more stable blood level

Truth 1- injecting before the halflife INCREASEs blood plasma levels

Myth 2- one ester wears out before the other in test blends

Truth 2- esters are not absorbed one by one as if they are individual shots or steroids. They form a bolus and will take on properties that are a mix.
(A good way for me to remember is carbs alone has X insulin peak while a mix of all macros has Y insulin peak)

Hope this hels