Test E/EQ/NPP Cycle-Please Critique!!

  1. Test E/EQ/NPP Cycle-Please Critique!!

    This is my first post. However, I have been reading this board and various others for about 5 years now. I want opinions about an upcoming cycle that I am planning. Here are my stats: 35yr old, 6'1" tall, 197 lb, 11% body fat. My daily nutritional intake will initially be 4000 cals, 300-350 gm prot, 400 gm carbs, and 100-125 gm fat. Diet will be clean, low sodium, lots of whole foods with very few protein bars or drinks. My training regimen is based on DC Training and cardio twice a week consisting of 20-30 min mod to high intensity. This will be my fourth AAS cycle with the last being about 6 years ago. I have been training for 15 yrs off and on, but pretty consistent. I took about 2 yrs off recently and got back into it heavy last year and went from 180 to 198 lbs with diet and supps. I would like to add another about 15 lbs. I usually never post on boards, but I figured what the heck. I want to know what if anything I could change to make this a successful cycle.

    wks 1-12 EQ 600mg/week
    wks 1-12 Test C 400mg/week
    wks 1-10 NPP 150mg eod

    Support Supps:
    wks 3-13 or 14 HCG 250iu e4d to keep the boys hanging low
    wks 2-12 Arimidex .5mg e3d to keep the bloat down and help with gyno from test
    wks 1-12 Cabergoline .5mg e4d for possible NPP gyno from progesterone

    wks 14-18 or 19 Aromasin 10mg ed
    wks 14-18 or 19 Nolvadex 20/20/20/10/10 etc.

    I will also be taking other ancillaries such as vitamins, minerals, and aminos throughout.
    Like I said, all criticisms are welcome because I want to make this a successful cycle. Thanks for your input.

  2. I meant test C, contrary to the title that says test E.

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