Low back fatique/tightness post MT1

  1. Low back fatique/tightness post MT1

    For you guys who've experianced the low back cramping, tightness and fatique while on MT1 , how long after stopping the Mt1 did your low back problems continue before getting back to normal ?

    I see this side effect as the most offensive as without a strong low back you're basically useless. Your core movements like deadlifts, squats and standing presses suffer not to mention your usual , everyday activities. For myself, I don't think MT1 is worth the cut in intensity in these exercises that it costs me.

    Outside of the workouts, the other day I took the dog for a walk but had to cut short that easy mile walk in the park because I couldn't walk anymore! This is so ridiculous as during the spring and summer I hike and backpack in the mountians all day on weekends while doing a physical job all week.

    Any of you get hit with the low back stuff this hard from MT1 and what's the longest it's lasted after you ended the cycle ? Anyone have an idea on why the low back is targeted with the fatigue while on this MT1?

  2. It's pretty common man. I typed in "lower back pain M1T" on the search function and got about 3 pages worth of hits. Here's one:
    M1T Lower Backpain?

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