HP M1T + bodyweight

  1. HP M1T + bodyweight

    Im doing 20 mg a day of higher power m1t. Im only on day four but I was so anxious to try it I may be expecting results to soon. How soon should I be seeing results, I am asking this because I need to know if I should order more so i can increase my dosage to 30mg or higher if need be. I am 6 ft 230 Lbs. I have never really responded well to anabolics like d-ball or any of the test preparations, I always needed to take an unusually high dose. I was wondering if this would be the same for prohormones. also i am wondering if higher power is a good brand or should I switch to underground labs or designer supps oral solution. thanks.I am a pro wrestler so i have alot of experience with anabolics but with all the crackdowns i thought prohormones would be a good alternative. thanks for any info.

  2. Man! You certainly want results instantly.

    Give it some time bro, 4 days isn't a long time!

    You should start seeing some strength gains in the next few days, and you'll probably starting gaining some weight, though some may be water.

    Patience bro, patience.

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