blood clots from 1-T. my experience.

  1. Unhappy blood clots from 1-T. my experience.

    hey guys.

    I just wanted to share a bad experience with everyone. last year I was on a cycle of 1AD/4AD 600mg each oral. about 20 days in I developed a blood clot in my right calf. It was extremely painful, swollen,red, and warm to the touch. I couldnt walk on it at all! An ultrasound proved there was a clot in one of the smaller viens. I had to get 3 injections of Lovinox in my stomach to break up the clot. anyway at the time I didnt link it to the supplements. friday I started feeling the same pain/swelling in my left leg so went to the ER right away. This one is not as bad so no injections, but have to take aspirin everyday till it goes away. This happened on my tenth day of M1T/M5AA. and I was only taking 5mg of M1T!! After doing some research and talking to doctors I found that androgen use does increase the thrombin-antithrombin ratio (thrombin causes clots to form) and causes an increase in LDL.
    As much as I hate to blame these awesome supplements I think its too much of a coincidence to say it wasnt caused by the exogenous androgens.
    I wanted to share this with you all so if you start to feel anything like this, get to the doc right away. its possibly fatal if a clot were to break away and travel to your heart or lungs.
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  2. Sorry to hear about that bro.
    No offense to you, but I think most people are to under-knowledged when they start using and dont research enough before starting something though. What your saying is nothing new and its typically noted as a use at your own risk side effect. I think a rare few, as you unforunatly are, are more prone to clotting and cholesteral problems and it takes an incident like this to make more people aware of an extremly dangerous side effect that can be associated with androgen use.
    Just another potentually dangerous side associated with doing anything you enjoy.

    Hope you recover fully bro,


  3. That sucks, hope you heal. However, I dont understand why you would do another cycle of anything after your first experience. How many times does someone have to hit you in the face before you learn to duck?

  4. well, its like I said, i didnt link the first clot to the supplements. also I used different compounds this time. I know 1AD converts to 1-T but I also thought that maybe the converrsion itself could be a factor. so 1-T directly might have made things different. anyway look how many people there are that have had gyno sugery, and still use AAS!!! theres no question where the gyno came from. my problem may be genetic, who knows? I had some extensive blood work done today. i'll know the results in about a week or so.

  5. Sorry to hear that



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