Do I need an estrogen blocker for after my cycle?

  1. Post Do I need an estrogen blocker for after my cycle?

    I am starting up on a 10 wk cycle of Enanth, Deca, Prop, and Winny, will I need something to pevent from getting bitch tit? I have never really thought about it but I have never really thought of pumping this much gear into me either. Is there anything I can pick up to prevent the aromatizing(or whatever) and something to spike my own testosterone production post cycle?

    Advice warmly accepted.

  2. Do you know about post cycle therpay?
    Drugs such as HCG, nolvadex, and/or clomid?

  3. Please for the love of God tell me you have researched PCT and have a semi good clue what you are doing..

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