Test 400 / D-bol cycle questions

  1. Test 400 / D-bol cycle questions

    Hello All,

    I just ordered some test400 ([email protected]), dbol, clomid & nolva. Really wanted some sust250 but couldnt get it This is my 2nd cycle. I kept about 9 lbs from my last cycle and am hoping to do the same or more this cycle. I am not real familiar with test400. it has short and long chained test in it. So the question is: if I want 400mg / week, how often should I inject? twice a week or EOD?

    I will be kick starting the cycle with 20mg / day of d-bol for 4 weeks. I have some good liver support, lots of protein on hand, my diet is almost perfect, tons of vitamans as well.

    pct will include nolva and clomid.

    27 yrs old
    6 ft 0 inches
    214 lbs
    14-15% bf

    mon: back/biceps
    tues: off
    wed: chest/triceps
    thurs: off
    Sat: legs/abs
    Sun: off

    Thanks ahead of time guys

  2. Just wondering how the above cycle worked out for you?? Im currently looking at the exact cycle. Gains, Sides, Etc?


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