If you were me how would you stack this?

  1. Cool If you were me how would you stack this?

    I got some pretty good advice so far but, I like to see what everyones opinion is.
    If you had the following, how would you stack it, and providing workouts are intense, sleep is on point, and eating never stops, what do you think the gain will be?

    200 Deca-Durabolin 10ml vial
    200 Enanthate 10 ml vial
    200 Propionate 10 ml vial
    100 Winny 10mg tabs

    It's my second cycle, and I been working out for a few years.

    Got another question: what exactly does usinic acid do?

  2. Get an extra vial of each..

    Run the deca 1cc per week, the enanthate 1cc every 3rd day, prop 1cc EOD for first 2 weeks, then last 2 weeks, add winny 50mg ED for last 4 weeks, then start PCT..

    Usnic Acid is an uncoupler.. There's a sticky in the supplement forum all about it..
    Good to see more Boston peeps on here..

  3. What he said only I'd run 400mg week of the deca (200 just didn't do anything for me) Also to run 50mg winny ed for 4 weeks your going to need a 140 tabs

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