Next cycle, thoughts???

  1. Next cycle, thoughts???

    Ok I am ready to get my next cycle going, havnt done anything in over a year and am really excited to get going again. Going to run this cycle for 16 weeks, thats the length I have always done and have had great sucess with it.

    650mg/week Sustaplex 325
    100mg/day (split in to two 50mg doses) Anadrol first 3 weeks
    50mg/day Winni last 6 weeks of cycle
    25mg/day Proviron entire cycle
    500iu's 2x/week HCG

    Also gonna run 2- 3 week cycles of the new clen Cyx3 during this cycle

    PCT 4 weeks

    Nolva 1 tab/day first week
    Clomid 3 tabs days 1-3, 2 tabs days 5-7, 1 tab/day rest of PCT

  2. looks fine. enjoy

  3. Anyone else have any suggestions?

  4. I have revised my cycle based on the input of some other people here is what I have come up with.

    12 Weeks long
    Sustaplex 325mg/3xweek
    Tbol 60mg/day first 3 weeks
    Clen 3 week cycle weeks 6-8
    Anavar 30mg/day last 3 weeks
    HCG 250iu's 2x/week last 6 weeks

    same PCT as original

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