First time sdrol/phera stack

  1. First time sdrol/phera stack

    So as you can see by the title,this is my first time using either compound,let alone stacking them.

    Im using AMMO Apha-mass which is dosed 10mg sdrol and 15mg phera per capsule.

    I`m 6"1 and 204lb,i have been training for five years and am 34 years old.I have used prohormones before including all of AMS products,LG Methyl-1-d and Havoc by RPN.

    I have been taking three caps of AMMO Alpha-mass ed for the last seven days,now i`m not sure how this stuff works but i can say that recovery is really good,strength and endurance are up and i have absolutely no sides...Except a little sleep disturbance.

    I`m taking AI Cycle support,eating pretty clean and having two to three Met-rx supreme whey shakes ed.

    Im presuming that some products are better quality and are stronger than others,i was expecting a lot more from this AMMO stack,i mean i`m not taking taurine and have not experienced one back pump or any shin splints,my piss is almost clear and doesn`t smell,vascularity is minimal etc etc.

    My experience with Havoc was more pronounced.I`m at the point where i feel i want to put something else in the mix to boost things up,does this sound like i have a bunk product? With the amount of Phera i`m having i thought my libido would be on the go,if anything it`s dropped...The old boy even went to sleep half way through sex with the wife,which aint good.

    From what i`ve read and heard i`m not even sure this is sdrol/phera,what do you guys think? Has anyone else tried these AMMO products? The supplier i got from told me they are made in Hawaii.

  2. 2 capsules should be more then sufficient for some one of your weight and expierence

    also phera does not increase sex drive for most, and superdrol crushes it also so its probably working.... whats your diet look like... you should be up some weight by now

  3. Weight is the same,muscle density is increasing and fat is going down,i`m doing a fair bit of cardio.The idea of doing the stack was for strength and definition which seems to be happening.

    I just thought i would be a lot stronger and feeling it more than i am,maybe all the hype gave me too high expectations.

    I know diet is everything,but i`m not too strict with it,i just make sure i`m sensible.I eat a mix of carbs,a good amount of protien,cereals,fruit,dairy product etc etc.

    E.g breakfast is porridge or cereal with skimmed milk,cup of tea...I`m a brit,and a protien shake.I then eat at midday a sandwich with a meat filling,could be ham or tuna or sardines,usually with a banana or apple and a shake.Then i eat at evening and it will be anything from meat and vegtables to pasta and salads with a shake.I drink lots of water...Mostly it`s a diet for leaning and not bulking.

  4. Goodness my friend 3 caps... That's 30mg SD and 45mg phera.

    Your only eating 3x a day?

    Can't comment on the quaility of the product but at those dosages you should ded be feeling it by 7 days. With SD I get increased pumps right away and about a wk in strength really jumps up along with endurance.

  5. Im thinking its weak stuff,today i only had two caps though as yesterday i had four and after having a strong coffee midday today i felt a bit ill,i almost felt like i had a temperature,my mind started racing and my heart rate went up.

    I think i`ll stick to two caps again and see how things go,maybe i just needed to be patient.The three meals i have are good meals though.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by michael75 View Post
    The three meals i have are good meals though.
    Not really! You cant get more than 1500-2000 cals ed on that diet. Kind of weird and suicidal choice of steroid(s) for that diet. What do your supportsupp/pct look like? With a dose of 4 caps I really hope its bunk for your sake. Just 30 mgs of sd(which by the way is a massive dose without the phera) should give significant results after 8-9 days. Good luck!


  7. Quote Originally Posted by michael75 View Post
    Weight is the same,muscle density is increasing and fat is going down,i`m doing a fair bit of cardio.The idea of doing the stack was for strength and definition which seems to be happening.

    I just thought i would be a lot stronger and feeling it more than i am,
    Well, wait a minute. You say muscle density, strength, endurance, definition, and recovery are up, and fat is down. Those are exactly the expected effects, and probably should be barely noticeable after just a week. If you think you're going to have any kind of good feeling on a stiff dose of SD/Phera, you're probably mistaken. I would expect lethargy and mild nausea, getting worse as the cycle goes on. The results will be in the mirror and the amount of weight you're lifting, but you've got to get all body parts through a couple workouts first to know without a doubt it's working.

  8. Ok this is an update,i have a day left on my sd/plex stack,i`ve been bridging for the last week with a low dose of h-drol 25mg which will go up to 75mg for the next three weeks,making this cycle 6 weeks in length.

    The sd/plex i`ve been dosing for the most part is 30mg and 45mg which i have found to be my sweet spot...I can`t believe that i`ve had NO sides really at all.I`ve put on 10lb of muscle and had an excellent experience,it only kicked in on week 2,the pumps are the best i`ve ever had,my muscles are like rock.

    I just wish i could continue.

  9. I had no sides after running 1200mg of test a week(12 weeks) and 50-100mg of anadrol a day(6 weeks) but my blood work showed much different. Cant always feel your sides. And just so you know I do not recommend the cycle I admitted to. It was very stupid and the result of steroid pushers at my gym advising that for a 19 year old kid. Oh boy I got big and strong and felt no sides, until I came off, got gyno and lost most my gains cause knew nothing of pct and had to undergo several bloods test while the doctors were trying to figure out why I was experiencing apparent liver failure.

  10. and I am not knocking your choice of cycle, I was just making it clear that feelings dont indicate what is going on inside

  11. This is very true,i can believe it...Hopefully my cycle support is helping,but in hind sight i think i`ve been a bit stupid and reckless,i shall not be repeating this stack and do not recommend it.


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