Proposed Cutting Cycle

  1. Proposed Cutting Cycle

    Weeks 1-??? DS Pro Sust (300mg 4ADcyp, 100mg 4ADprop/ml) 1400mg/week
    Starting at week 3: M1T 2 weeks on, 2 off starting at 10mg, then 20mg, 30mg
    Usnic Acid 600mg split twice a day starting tomorrow, taken on non M1T weeks
    Triatricol 4mg split twice a day taken on M1T weeks
    Clenbuterol 4 weeks on, 4 off with ECY

    I'm gonna run the Pro Sust for at least 13 weeks, maybe longer, not sure of how long I'll cycle on and off the rest of the goodies.

    Also I have some HCG, but only 2500iu's worth. I was thinking of taking 500iu's week only on M1T weeks.

    Also I'm being trained by Iron Addict

    What do you guys think? I've already started the Pro Sust yesterday. It was my first time ever darting . Totally painless! Stuck 1cc in my glute, and 2cc's in my delt. 1200mg in one day , helluva frontload. What can I say, I got a little carried away. Blood work will be done and posted throughout.

  2. cool stuff but... why didnt ya just do all 3cc's in your glute

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Jarconis
    cool stuff but... why didnt ya just do all 3cc's in your glute
    I've never injected before so I expected at least slight pain. It was so smooth that I wasn't sure if I screwed something up and didn't hit the muscle.
    Origionally I was only gonna do the 1cc in the glute.

  4. Ok, scratch that. I just found out I'll be running Methyl-Dien for a few more weeks with the Pro-Sust. I'll add Triatricol when it gets here, I ordered from customnutritionwarehouse today . Postponing the Usnic Acid until I'm done with Methyl-Dien.

  5. I had much better luck using sodium usniate rather then the usnic acid. better results and less sides

  6. With just the 2500iu of HGC I think you would be better off running it at the end of your cycle just prior to PCT and go for a better recovery as opposed to matching it with your M1T usage.


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