length of real gear vs length of ph's

  1. length of real gear vs length of ph's

    i have noticed by lurking around the forums that it seems that on average, those users of real gear tend to stay "on" a few weeks longer than typically those on ph's. I was wondering why. Is this just a safety precaution by ph users to adopt a shorter cycle length, or are gear users just more "hardcore" and willing to endure the negative effects ? i know that it all depends on what ur using, but , to keep it simple, lets talk about average lengths, etc.

  2. My guess is some of the injectables (cyp, enanthate) have esters attached that make them much slower acting than an oral. Other than that I'm not sure. I've never found PH's to have much in the way of sides except for the methyls. The only other reason I can think of is to minumize shutdown.

  3. tru. that would make sense. still some of these guys i see go like 14 weeks on the stuff, and im thinkin "damn, if someone went 14 weeks on m1t his balls would fall off and hair would fall out." btw, like the qote on the bottom of ur post. amen, bro

  4. Well, with a compound like cyp or enan, it takes several weeks before the drug really begins to act. With most PH's, you see effects within 7-10 days. It also depends on what other things you're taking on cycle, etc.

  5. I'm not sure there is any real gear out there that is a toxic as m1t, I don't even think anadrol 50's compare, only thing I can think of might be cheq drops (sp?), was told that stuff is like putting atomic waste in your mouth. Personaly I don't see a problem with running 4AD or other non-methyl for 12-16 weeks, just be prepared for equal time off for recovery - that is the real hard part!
    BTW, got to seek the truth and strength from the right sources Bro and there is only one.

  6. Well, my experience has been that because of the quick acting nature of most PHs out there,and the fact that with me anyway the best gains have always come the first 2 to 3 weeks and then diminish by the 4th week,30 day cycles just made sense. Also, real gear has a tendancy to be much cheaper and work better for longer so 8 to 12 weekers are more ideal. On that same note, over the years, with the higher prices of the better PHs,I think the average comsumer really can't afford much more than a 30 day cycle. Especially when you have to take double the dose or higher to get decent gains. Just my experience.

    One more thing. I have found lately, that with the better quality gains from methyls, and the lower cost of homebrewing, I am now planning 6 to 8 week cycles.And getting better results than ever.

  7. Here is some good info in regards to question number one from one of the most knowledgeable guys on the boards Jhov...

    "Well it has to do with conversion rates and bioavailabilty imho more than anything else. PH/PS have low conversion rates and bio-availability in general and the rest must be metabolised or excreated which puts your system under great deals of stress! While at the same time being just as surppressive and harsh to the HPTA!

    With aas you have very high bioavailabilty(THERE IS ACTUALLY NO CONVERSION, THE COMPOUNDS ARE ALREADY IN THEIR ACTIVE FORMS!) and effective delivery methods which take much less out of a cycle and your system giving you longer periods to be on cycle.

    You also must look at the length of time the substance stays active in your system. With PH/PS it is usually quite short and with AAS it is usually long and has a time realed effect of days-weeks which makes short cycles useless!"

  8. Chemo or Bobo if you have any thoughts on this it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  9. for me it is really the inj-ester and 17aa variables, not the fact that something is legal or not-legal. when i was really into the real stuff i'd not stay on the same oral for more than 4-6 weeks.... i think alot of the gains from 17aa compounds is not directly through the AR, but through their manipulation of GH/IGF1/, CNS stim, etc. these benifits seem to be most pronounced in the first month of use. with stuff like eq though, it really is a slower/more subtle type of gain through increased tendon/ligament strength and RBC, plus direct binding of the AR. it will be weeks for your body to really take advantage of those benifits. also with deca you really get shut down anyway, even on a 6-8 week cycle, so there is no reason to try to keep it short. on cycle it was a given that my natty test would be zilch, so i would always use enough gear to more than compensate for that. with some pro-hormones though, i would not be as confident in the ability to completely replace my natty test, so would keep the cycle short to minimize shutdown. the final factor, at least for me, is the lack of scientific data/emperical knowledge on extended use of these new compounds. i know what 4 months of deca will do to me, but not really what 4 months of methyle-1 will do.


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