Tren Epi stack PCT, AI questions HELP!

  1. Tren Epi stack PCT, AI questions HELP!

    So I'm winding down a nice PH Tren Epi stack. I've had good results. I have Clomid, which works great for me, and an otc AI(Novedex XT). I have 5 days left on cycle so I could switch that. Last cycle(Tren/SD) I used AX Apct and blood work was fantastic.
    My real question is when to administer the AI? Usually I wait 2 weeks into pct, then add the AI and taper down slowly, but I have read isolated thoughts that Epi is different because it is anti-estrogen in nature. I would think that fact would back up the idea of waiting at least two weeks on the AI. Any thoughts? Also I was going to try mega dosing vit C for cort control this time, unless there are any major objections. Last time I used Lean FX.
    Last but not least, any recommendations for an otc fat burner that REALLY works?
    I greatly appreciate your thoughts.

  2. I would just ditch the AI all together. I know some people like them but I really don't think they're necessary. Vit. C is fine for cort control. The cheapest and most efficient OTC fat burner is the EC stack. Just ephedrine and caffeine. Hope this helped you.

  3. Thanks. I didn't know I could get that anymore. Great stuff.

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