What type of BP do you guys see on cycle?

  1. What type of BP do you guys see on cycle?

    This is going to be my last heavy cycle for a long time so I've done a blood panel & full physical before-hand and plan to do the same after PCT. Everything checked out fine pre-cycle (cholest. normal, BP very good, liver enzymes where they should be, no hormonal imbalances). I've been intermittently checking BP & heart rate/pulse throughout the cycle.

    Got BP checked today. It was 158/84. The systolic is high for sure- but I'm trying to decide if its enough merit of concern to stop the cycle.

    Its day 21 of an AX Superdrol Cycle (in the first 2 weeks anadrol was pulsed twice a week at 25mgs- You can check the log if you care fore details). So this isn't your typical cycle of flintstone vitamins- I'm expecting some sides but so far (knock on wood) things have been surprisingly smooth.

    -->Anyhow, what types of BP ranges have you guys seen on cycles- if you get it checked while ON? This should definitely concern me- but BP simply has to go up some degree while ON due to the increased volume of blood, so I'm speculating at this point- what is the point of compromise for BP while on cycle. Might let it ride 1 more week, get BP checked- and take it from there.

    Support supps just for BP are:
    >1255mgs of Hawthorne Berry ED
    >75-150mg of Grapeseed Extract ED

  2. This is the highest I have seen mine was 166/89 on a P-Mag/M-Drol cycle mid workout.

  3. mine stayed normal on my hdrol cycle. but i preloaded alot of things and stayed consistent with the hawthorn, and red yeast rice. however, while taking nolva i did get occasional night sweats and hot flashes so i guess my BP spiked then.

  4. even at my heaviest stacking of pplex and epi (and epi is tough on my bp) my worst was 123/70. HAWTHORNE BERRY, use it and use an efficient amount

    edit: i see u are using it... just be careful

  5. I got mine checked while on 50mg of Pheraplex and while on SD (think it was 20mg) and each time it was 130something over 70something.
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  6. Dang. I'm jealous.

    BP has become a major side for me lately on cycles. I've done the pre-load technique before with hawthorne + grapeseed but it seems to just keep it from becoming too high, rather than hovering around the norm. Even mild ph's like pmag & mild ds like epi jack my BP up.

    -Partially why I'm going to take a reprieve from anabolics for a while.
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    I check mine regularly here at home. The highest I've seen is 133/88 and that was tonight. I just got home from the gym too, so. I'm on a 1-T/Epi cylcle currently.

  8. I would expect the highest bp increase from superdrol, some people experience a tremendous amount of sides, you may just be prone


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