Anyone try H-Roid?

  1. Anyone try H-Roid?

    Pretty ridiculous name ha..... But from looking at it, it looks like a Promagnon-25 clone? or Halodrol50? This is my 5th cycle and wanted a mild compound so im goin with the H-roid. If anyone has tried this please respond. im gonna run 50/75/75/75/75. Im 6'2 218 at 12%bf im trying to hit 230 so i can start a recomp for summer. not to mention the 495 deadlift ive been working on too


  2. Wow were almost identical. By the name id guess its Halodrol (havent seen the compouind) because I have 2 bottles of S-Roid which is there version of Superdrol...and yea I agree the name could be a lot better haha.

  3. What a cheesy name...

  4. its a promag clone

  5. Just to keep you updated, H-Roid is pretty good stuff. Gained 4lbs. in two weeks and strength is better... I def. notice higher gym aggression and better endurance. I feel its pretty mild like Epi. Prob. a pretty good stack IMO Epi/H-roid..



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