tribulus and pct

  1. tribulus and pct

    First off,
    Id like to thank all you guys because I've learned so much from all of you. So after lurking for a couple of months I decided to try my first pro-hormone cycle (m1t, 4ad) and would like to thank everyone because its gone great.

    Anyway, when i start my Nolva for pct I was wondering if taking these pills called "muscle jack" would keep me suppressed. I ask because it has Tribulus Terrestis in it and I know some guys use that during pct, I just wasn't sure about the rest of the crap in it.
    292mg of Tribulus Terrestis (40% Sterodial saponin)
    Eurycoma longifolan ext (20:1 concentration)
    33mg estrogen bocker Esteogen Polygonum Cuspidatum ext (containing 25% total resveratrols or 3,5,4-trihydroxystibene)
    glucose poymers with magnesium stearate.

    I got this crap from a friend and only kept it because I saw that it had Trib in it, it worth using to help increase test production or is it as good as trash.

    One more question...I frontloaded for too weeks with 4ad in t-gel @ 126 ml a day. Then the next 2 weeks I took M1T at 5 mg. I was planning on running the M1T another week, or a total of 3 weeks on m1t, should i stop the 4ad and not run it the last week since it does stay in your system. I was thinking of doing this since it seems that putting in 4ad that day doesnt have an effect and you have to wait a coupe days down the road.

    Thanks guys

  2. The 4ad does not stay in your system after you stop taking it. Transdermals are only effective for 12 hours. You should keep running the 4ad throughout your m1t use. Your body will thank you for it.

    Whether or not tribulus can suppress you further is debatable, I've heard it argued both ways. I took trib during PCT before & noticed no difference, positive or negative. It may help with libido. I dont think think it will hurt to use it, but no idea if it will help.

  3. Yeah, I'm using trib PCT along with nolva for libido and things are working out just fine. Many who have ran 4wks m1t (myself included) have found themselves shut down hard during PCT. I'm 8 days into PCT....libido is strong, just got busy a few hrs ago.

  4. haha sounds good guys, thanks for the responses.

    Longdog, since it usually takes a week for the 4ad to kick in, i figured I could treat it like test cyp (if Im correct with waiting a week or so after your last shot of cyp to start pct), but I guess not. Thanks for the advice.

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