Which Stack Guys

  1. Which Stack Guys

    I have 2 bottles of eq-plex and x-tren which one should I stack with epi

    Im 6'2" 185 been lifting for 12 years on and off
    29 years old work out 4 days a week
    already bought some nolva for pct
    any suggestions this is my 3 rd cycle ever back in the day did deca 8 weeks
    and later Mark McGuire andro lol

  2. i would suggest looking at ur diet and changing things up. at 6'2 use should easily be able to get over at least 200lbs naturally.

    what does ur diet look like?

  3. Ive been 215 before but always cut down after that to get ripped plus i have to eat like a mad man to keep weight up

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