H-drol run of 50-75-75-75-75-75 vs. 50-50-75-75-75-100

  1. H-drol run of 50-75-75-75-75-75 vs. 50-50-75-75-75-100

    Which is better for a guy at 235 pounds..

  2. Im similar to you. Im 6'3" 240ish. My first run was 50/50 then up to 75 for 4 weeks. This time I went 50/75/75/75/75/100. Im feeling it at the end of the 2nd week now versus the end of the 3rd week my first go.

    If its your first run id go 50/50 just to see how your body feels then go 75/75/75 to finish. Trust me though with your weight 75-100 is the sweet spot for sure! If you hit 100 have a SERM it will make things better when your done

  3. if I dont have a serm should I just stick to 75mg max?

  4. I would. I think 100 even for a week at a 6 week cycle is pushing it without a SERM (Hell even 6 weeks at 50/50/50/50/50/50 may be pushing it). Many have recovered fine without a SERM but theres always the chance even though it is a Very Mild Pro Hormone.

    I waited 6 months before i built the courage to do my first run. The best advice i read on here was from someone who said "Research till your scared to do a cycle, Then wait 6 months if your still scared dont do it" Stupid but true. Just remember people will always lie about gains but they seem to be truthfull about the sides!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by lift4life17 View Post
    if I dont have a serm should I just stick to 75mg max?
    I'm not running a SERM. I'm running 50/75/75/75/75/75. PCT will be PCS/Inhibit-E/Lean Xtreme. Good luck with your cycle and a very nice question/post.

  6. I did a 50/75/75/75/100 for my first run ever. what is your experience with PH?? I think going up to 100 isn't necessary. I felt weird at 100 and if I did it over again I would have stayed at 75 and ran it another week instead of bumping up. I didn't use a serm just PCT assist and formex, kept most of my gains, and no gyno Good Luck, I am thinking about running this again next month, or maybe Havoc, I haven't decided yet

  7. start at 100mg and it kicks in during the first week

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Movin_weight View Post
    start at 100mg and it kicks in during the first week
    Think I'm going to do this starting next week. I was originally planning to start the epistane the first 4 weeks to help with immediate strength gains but now I think im going to go 100mgs for the first week then back down to 75mgs for the next 5 weeks and run the epi after the first two weeks so I can go straight into PCT.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Movin_weight View Post
    start at 100mg and it kicks in during the first week
    Along with sides?

  10. i still don't think it kicks in the first week, and wouldn't recommend starting at 100mg unless you have ran it before and have a lot of experience with steroids. IMO

  11. Has there ever been any confirmed reports of someone getting Gyno from H-Drol?? Ive googled so many times and it seems everyone who thought they had Gyno symptoms was just Puffy Nips from the H-Drol

  12. from what ive read, its non aromatizing

  13. Quote Originally Posted by haithem View Post
    from what ive read, its non aromatizing
    Correct. So you wouldn't really get gyno from the Hdrol cycle. However, you can get gyno due to rebound after your cycle, which is why people still use an AI or a SERM.

    I also agree that people shouldn't be starting at 100 if it's your first cycle. A 50/75/75/75/75/75 seems perfect to me being it's my first cycle. If 75 is the sweet spot and most cycles Hdrol full effects kick in at week 3, then you would still get 4 weeks at a decent dosage. After evaluating this cycle then one might consider going up in dosage. JMO.

  14. Thats a good run 75 is sweet for me. Im not greedy. I love the tone im getting this go with it. Im only up a 2lbs but damn i look bigger and my abs are getting very defined!!

  15. Next Question: Im going into February with this cycle. Then im off till June. I think im going to start pinning myself and go big or go home. Whats the right wasy to go for a proper 1st time test user? I know PCT is different but what should i do being its my first

  16. If i could get a quick opinion, I'm 20 years old, 5'9 and 185 lbs. I ran a H-drol cycle around 6 months ago and did fine at 50/50/75/75. I was a bit skeptical and wanted to go easy seeing as how it was my first time using a PH. Knowing how my body reacted to it now and using the same cycle assist and pct products, would running 75/75/75/75 be okay?


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